This project has been made possible with the help of crowdfunding - and it couldn't exist without festival-loving parents pledging their support through their donations.

"In November 2022, having never self-published a book or run a crowdfunding campaign before, I ran a month-long Kickstarter to fund the artwork and printing costs for "Molly's First Festival" - the first picturebook about a child's festival experience.

The response was really amazing, with the target of 3k being reached a week before the finish date, going over the original target by £1,141! The campaign was also selected as a "Project We Love" by the Kickstarter platform, and was even supported by the CEO himself who made a pledge. It really is a people-powered project."

- Katherine

Representing Real and Diverse Families

Part of what makes music festivals such a valuable experience is that it is a window into our wider world, and for many children, it’s the first opportunity they have had to see such a large number of people.

Molly's First Festival was brought to life with the support of real-life contributors after being successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter, reaching 138% of its goal,. And the families of those who donated were drawn into the book as thanks for their support - so this book is full of genuine festival memories!

It is important that everyone is represented in children's books, so you can find people of all kinds within the pages - inlcuding mixed race families, gay parents and people with visible disabilities - all having a great time at the festival together. Having real people included as characters in this book means the diversity of the crowd is represented by genuine families. dancing glastonbury girls


Here's a few examples of the real people included in this book...

Hanna and Ronnie

"From bubbles to disco balls, Mr Tumble to Elvana, circus tricks to willow sticks, cider to champagne, porridge oats to oysters, bouncy castle to Lulworth castle, me and my four-year-old Ronnie had the best time and made the most amazing memories at our first ever festival last year in Dorset - so much so we are going again this year!"

- Hanna, mum of Ronnie and Camp Bestival fan


Loli, Florence and Vivienne

“This was the first year we went to a festival as a family and it was absolutely wonderful, (super tiring) but so worth it...Will treasure this book always and I especially love that you’re able to show someone breastfeeding in your book.”

- Loli, mum to Florence and Vivienne

Audrey and Rex

“We are not typical festival goers…Audrey and I like our home comforts so we don’t camp! One year we hired a camper van (which was fun) and now we day trip in from a nearby holiday home. It’s just a different way to experience a festival that works for us.”

- Vicky, mum of Audrey and Rex, and Down Syndrome advocate @vickywooandaudreyboo

Emily and Bebe

"When you’re working backstage at a festival, it’s sometimes easy to forget how magical the experience is ‘out front’, so seeing Latitude through my niece's eyes was wonderful. So many extraordinary adventures to be had!”

- Emily, Auntie to Bebe and festival worker


These are all the amazing people who helped make this happen:

The Creative Fund by BackerKit - Liam O’Shea - Zofia Coulton - Sue Hessom - Naidre Werner - Kirsty Kelly - Deborah Parkes - Daisy Fitzsimmons - Dennis - Victoria thorpe - Keeley - Teresa Lewis - Steve Reynalds - Bigi Luetchford - Candice Kent - Emma Foley -Gail Wallbank - Andy and Holly Coulton-Wood - Anna Whelan -Rebecca McCarter - Eleanor Cook -Everette Taylor -Sophie Intiglietta -Ifsha Fatima Zohra - Maureen Houghton - James O'Shea -Fred Weston - Vicky Pestel - Gaile - Maya Middlemiss - Jude - Jo Beaumont -Annabel Smyth -Niovi - Simon Cook - Elsie - Joanna Coulton -Jenny Coulton - Amanda Nicholls - Emily Scoggins - Rosemarie Shaw - Sarah Slater - Astha Singh -Annie Taylor Laxa - Caroline - Clare Stafford - Lindsey Duckett -Hattie Mitchell - Teresa Harmand - Jasmine Moulden - Julie Robertson - Anne Gardner Thorpe -Keira Vassallo - James Thomas - Esme - Claire - Abby - Jayde - Tina Uren - Mary - Paul Channon - Jim O'Shea - Shelley Winter - Elle Colliass -Lucy Hawkins - Lucy Tyler - Jennifer Doherty - Claire Benn - Bun Mitchell - Christina Brown - Owen Wallbank - Dave Parkes - Vanessa Staunton - Rachel Bone - Lynsey Rawbone - Leanne Guest - Gemma Trickey - Antony Lorman - Natalie Burton - Rachael Lorman - Hanna Smith - Catherine Lawson - Marcie - Tim Coulton - Philip Eliot - Liz Clemmow - Rosie McLaughlin - Isaac ‘Will It Work’ Dansicker - Lauren Jones - Riley Erin Kinzie (Big Feelings Books) - Penny Sexton

kickstarter childrens book

"I hope this book inspires more young families to take their little ones to festivals" 
- Louise, Bestival mum of four-year old

"What a great idea! We would love to buy the book when it’s out"
 - Saleema, Bestival-goer and parent of 2-year-old

"This is an amazing idea... I look forward to reading it with my little one." 
- Hanna, Bestival-goer and parent of 4-year-old

"What a fab idea from a fellow Glasto first timer... Can't wait to see the book" 
- Lynsey, Glastonbury and Bestival-going parent

"I LOVE this idea!!!! I've been going to festivals since I was a child and as an adult I find festivals without kids being kids just plain weird." 
- Beth, festival child turned parent



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