Katherine O'Shea is a mum and illustrator living with her husband and toddler in the county of Somerset. She illustrates a number of detailed subjects using traditional materials, including children's books with an emphasis on real-life places and people, and loves to see the excitement that familiar sights can have on young readers.

"The idea for this story came out of my own experiences of attending the Glastonbury Festival with my daughter Molly for the very first time. I had a special moment on the hill looking down at the lights when the idea came to me in an instant - to create a children's book that encapsulated what we had just experienced in a fun and colourful story for parents to share with their children. I know there are thousands of people out there who will recognise the 'family experience' of a festival, so I wanted to write and illustrate this story for them."

If you are interested in finding out more about Katherine's artwork, you can view a portfolio of her illustration at www.katherineoshea.co.uk or if you are thinking of commissioning a family portrait, please see Portraits.

"Katherine’s amazing festival drawings are bursting with life. You can almost hear the laughter, feel the bass and smell the mud!"

- Alexis Deacon, two-time winner of the New York Times Children's Book Award an Illustration lecturer at Cambridge School of Art


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The book has been self-published under the name Mollypop Publishing which is entirely owned and run by myself, Katherine O'Shea.


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