Are you an event organiser looking to expand your family offering with some fun and educational entertainment? If so, I can offer a number of options for working together.

I love getting involved in live events - it's a brilliant way to bring "Molly's First Festival" to life for children and parents. The book was made possible by festival fans, and so by working with live event producers, we can take this story back to the magical place where it belongs - live events!

Take a look at my events page to see other venues and festivals I have worked with: Events

If you are a retailer, please take a look at my Stockists page

Live Reading and Signings

I will be happy to come along and read the book in-person at your event, and sign copies for your family audience. I also have children's activity packs and colouring-in for afterwards, if you would like to make this a more expanded workshop activity.

Or, if you have your own dedicated storytellers in their children/spoken word areas, I can post a free copy for them to read as part of their storytime entertaiment, in exchange for shares on your social media.

Please get in touch to discuss options at



Selling books at your event

If you would like to take some copies of the book to sell at your festival or event, I will be glad to post some signed copies for you to offer alongside your own merchanise.

We can either have a sale-or-return arrangement, or you could purchase copies directly for resale, for a higher cut of the RRP.

Please get in touch to discuss percentage rates at

Festival Gift Sets

Would you like something really special to offer your family festival goers? How about a "festival-themed" gift set for children?

I am curently looking to collaborate with festivals on some festival-specific gift sets, for parents that would like something to get the kids excited about their festival experience. They're also a fantastic souvenir, and could be sold as Christmas presents during the quiet season between Summer events.

A Gift Set could include:

- A signed copy of "Molly's First Festival"
- Colouring-in designs featuring your most iconic festival sights
- Illustrated I-Spy questions based on things to spot at your festival
- "My Favourite [your festival name] Memory" pictureframe
- Stickers in my art style with festival slogans, eg. "Baby's First [your festival name]"
- Play VIP tickets/lanyards/wristbands featuring your festival name

Or many more possibilities...
I am also open to collaborating with other brands to create kids' gift sets.

I've already made some Festival Gift Sets which I gave to my Kickstarter doners and which I will be adding the shop over Christmas. By inviting them to play, it really helped the chldren to become engaged with the book, and with the whole idea of festivals in general:

"We loved the personalised lanyards and merch, they are so cute!"
"They immediately wanted to play festivals with it... so it's now around the house in all their little cubby holes, they love it!"
- Kickstarter doners

Sound fun? Let's have a chat at

Schools and libraries

If you would like to arrange a visit to your school/education centre/library, I will be very happy to come and do a reading, and to talk about being a children's book illustrator.

I have reading comprehension questions, and other table-top activites we can do together with the class after the readings. I would be glad to do a paid visit, or have an arrangement where I can sell books after the event.

Please get in touch to discuss at

Testimonial from Rachael, a Primary School Teacher and Deputy DSL at Emhurst Primary School

"I shared this with Y2 and Y3 children just before our local and renowned Glastonbury Festival. They loved the story and the fabulous illustrations which radiate the exuberance of festival time.

I have also given this book to Y6 children to read. They absolutely loved the concept and became completely engrossed in the visuals.

The detail drawn on each page provides so many fantastic opportunities to decipher meaning from a picture. A great way to improve comprehension, observation and creative skill."


As a self-published author/illustrator, I have lots of flexibility and am open to any other plans for collaboration you may have, either with yourselves or with others in your network.

Let's come up with some ideas! - 07763 554 188



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